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There are two ways to become involved with a tutor.

1.  You ask for one

There are many reasons why students ask for a tutor.  The most successful learning outcomes result from these arrangements.  The student is aware, engaged and actively involved in their own betterment.  Performance can improve quite rapidly.  The student realizes they need an expert in a particular area and take full advantage of the tutor.  

2.  A tutor is organised for you

If a tutor is being organized for you, everyone will benefit by the manner in which you approach this opportunity.  

Some students feel people will think they are less capable because they have a tutor.  Others think it will erode their freedom.

The truth is, many high achieving students actually request tutors because they realize the benefits a tutor can bring.  There is no greater 'buzz' than seeing your results move up. Higher marks usually lead to greater commitment and this in turn leads to that feeling of success we all desire.

It can be very confronting to be told you are to have a tutor.  Consider the positives and the reasons behind these arrangements.  Having a tutor can be a real status symbol.  It is almost always a better experience than most students initially think. Be positive and approach the arrangement with an open mind.  

Thousands of children are currently being tutored for a variety of reasons:

  1. Some basic skills need to be re-taught or shown correctly in the first place.

  2. A learning disability poses a challenge.

  3. Underdeveloped organizational skills can result in difficulty with keeping on schedule with studying and completing assignments.

  4. Others simply desire to get ahead.  

Whatever the reason, tutors can both reinforce subjects or skills, as well as teach students how to work independently or perform at a higher level. Students often become more self-confident after working with a tutor.  Tutors help organize your learning.

Locating a  Tutor

Using, you can locate a tutor in your area that meets your needs with a few clicks of the mouse.

How to Safely Meet Tutors

Make sure that you speak with your tutor on the telephone before your first session. Since you are finding him/her online, you want to make sure that he/she is a legitimate tutor. Do not be afraid to ask your tutor questions about himself/herself and his/her qualifications and even for proof of certain accomplishments. You are going to be paying this person money to help you so you have the right to question his/her abilities. Do not rely on email to schedule your tutoring sessions. Miscommunications are bound to occur if this is your only means of contact.
Since you do not know your tutor on a personal basis, tutoring sessions should be held in a public area, such as a public library or the library at your school. You may want to have a parent or friend come with you to the first session to make sure you are in good hands. If you are not comfortable with you tutor for any reason, don't hesitate to tell him/her and try to improve the situation. There is no reason for you to continue paying for tutoring when you are not able to fully concentrate on your material.

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