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Setting Goals

Parents call upon tutors for a variety of reasons.  Parent and tutors must decide upon and understand the goals being set as a result of this intervention. One way to gain clarity is to evaluate the student.  Evaluations may include standardized tests and/or report cards.  Students may be asked to read and answer questions, complete a writing sample or solve some mathematical problems.  Parents should be sure to share all recent testing information with the tutor. 

When setting goals make sure that they are realistic. Do not expect your child's grades to jump from a 'D' to an 'A' in one semester.  Make sure the goals are challenging and worthy of the student's efforts.  Be flexible.  Feel free to suggest changes in goals as the tutoring progresses.  Setbacks need to be addressed as soon as they occur.  Celebrate significant advances.  Work with the tutor to set small, easily obtainable goals for each meeting.  This gives your child a sense of success.  Success will provide a commitment to the tutoring relationship.

When monitoring goals, do not let the negative issues outweigh the positive advances, however small.  Student's confidence can thrive on success.  If the goals are periodically evaluated and no positive change is noted, either of the parties involved (student, parent, tutor or teacher) may suggest changes.  If the tutoring is not working, discuss changes with the tutor.  If the tutoring still isn't working, consider switching tutors or looking for other unrelated reasons.  

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