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Meeting Tutors - Safety for you and the Tutor

Make sure that you speak with your tutor on the telephone before your first session. Since you are finding him/her online, you want to make sure that he/she is a legitimate tutor. Do not be afraid to ask your tutor questions about himself/herself and his/her qualifications and even for proof of certain accomplishments. You are going to be paying this person money to help you so you have the right to question his/her abilities. Do not rely on email alone to schedule your tutoring sessions. Miscommunications are bound to occur if this is your only means of contact. Contacting their school or their school's website can usually confirm a tutors bona-fides. 

Initially you will not know your tutor on a personal basis. Tutoring sessions should be held in a quiet yet visible area. This is highly recommended for the protection of the tutors themselves. If you are not comfortable with you tutor for any reason, don't hesitate to tell him/her and try to improve the situation. There is no reason for you to continue paying for tutoring when you are not able to fully concentrate on your material.  

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