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Deciding on a Tutor

Most of us dream of our children doing well in school, going on to tertiary education and being successful in different walks of life. What are you to do when you find that your child is not succeeding? The answer for many is to find a tutor.


Tutors can reinforce subjects that are taught in school as well as teach students how to work independently. Students often become more self-confident after working with a tutor. 

Thousands of children are currently being tutored for a variety of reasons:

  1. Many students have not mastered basic skills which need to be re-taught.

  2. Some have disabilities posing challenges to the mastery of information and sometimes slowing down progress in school.

  3. Students often have poor organisational skills.  Difficulty arises in keeping to study schedules and completing assignments.

  4. Some students have medical, social, emotional or behavioural problems manifesting in poor results.

  5. Other more motivated students simply desire to get ahead.  

Similarly, you or your child may like to learn a new instrument, language or sport. On many occasions the best way to do this is to find a tutor or coach.

Locating a tutor made simple!
Using, you can locate a tutor in your area with a few clicks of the mouse.  It has never been easier.

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