To achieve more "hits" and increase your chance of being contacted, we strongly recommend you read these listing tips below.


Try these general tips to get more hits!


  1. Detail - Enter as much detail about yourself and your services as possible. Our feedback shows that tutors who enter comprehensive information are receiving good quality contacts.
2. Subject Key Words - Use keywords to describe your subjects and separate each with a comma. Use different words to describe the same subject. E.g. Math, Maths and Mathematics, or Art and Painting.  Enter as many key words as you like. Include Primary and Secondary.
3. Hourly Rate - Enter a few different options here if you can eg: $45 for private one to one tutoring or  $25 per student for a small class of two students or $16 per student for 3 students per group.
4. Contact - Have multiple forms of contact. Enter your e-mail address, a phone or fax number where possible, and a mobile phone number for contact any time.


Listing Advice


Means that this information is only available to paying clients and is not accessible to the general web browser.
The following are explanatory notes linked to the listing form. 
1. Contact Name - This information is not accessible for public viewing.  Only paying clients will view these details.  We advise you enter your full name for client assurance. 
2. Business Name - To be used for your business name (if appropriate).  Otherwise leave blank. 
3. Town/Suburb - Please enter surrounding suburb names to gain access to neighbouring clients.
4. Subjects - Use keywords to describe your subjects and separate each with a comma. Use all common terms for your discipline.  Keywords are the way clients find you in the listings.  Please use an exhaustive list for more hits and contacts.
eg  Math, Maths, Mathematics, Primary Maths, Secondary Maths, HSC/VCE maths etc.
Art, Painting, Drawing, sketching, creative arts etc
5. Expertise - This is where you sell yourself.  We have found many teachers, tutors and coaches undervalue what they do.  Take the time to look at your qualifications and experience.  Please be aware that you have specific knowledge that IS NOT available to most people.  People need to know who you are.  Don't hesitate to write extensively.  Be specific.  Remember to define terms like (ESL, LOTE and ELLA) the audience you are writing to is not teacher trained.
6. Hourly Rate Guide - The amount you enter here will be negotiable. It is reasonable to advise the client by placing a "Neg" after the dollar amount you decide upon. does not enter into fee arrangements. This is entirely up to the tutor and client.  Many things will influence what you choose to place in this field.  Please remember not to undervalue yourself. suggests that you equate your expertise and experience with your rate.  A Head of Department or Clarinet tutor with 30 years experience in marking and assessing at national level could reasonably charge much more than a teacher with 3 years experience.  The best advice is to ask yourself what you would pay to be delivered the same service.  The worst thing is to undersell education and its inherent worth. It is also to be remembered that your listing is your "shopfront", hits will be determined by cost and expertise.  Remember, the next tutor is but a "click" away.
7. Age & Gender - This is an important field.  The age of a tutor, teacher or coach is of great concern to many clients.  Many tutors are selected upon age and sex alone.
8. Type of Tutoring
One to One - Please check this box if you are available for traditional one to one tuition.  Tuition usually takes place at the clients home and payment is immediate.
Small Groups - Check this box if you can provide a place for students to meet.  Charges for groups are usually less for individuals, however this allows more students to participate.  Sizes of groups vary greatly depending on the activity.
Advice Line - Check this box if you desire to work from home and provide telephone support to clients.  Advice line is run in some states prior to major examinations. provides students with the ability to contact trained, practicing teachers to help guide them through major works, assessments, and exams all from the safety and comfort of their home.  Advice line can be used year round.
Educational Consultant- Check this box if you are willing to assist clients with educational advice and professional knowledge.  In our ever changing systems many parents do not have access to information.  Parents require help in regard to schooling, subject requirements, course selection, government requirements, exam preparation and sometimes simply, "what can I do to help" allows you to select this option to display to clients your expertise and willingness to help them navigate "the system". 
Assessment Advice - Check this box if you are available to share your experience as an assessor and/or marker. This option allows you the ability to provide clients with a service to set, mark and/or analyse previously marked work.  Advice regarding examination and major work analysis is very restricted. provides you with the ability to satisfy this need in a practical way.  
Online Tutoring - Check this box if you would like to offer tutoring online via MSN or chat applications. You will need to arrange this outside of
Marking Advice - Check this box if you are available for marking advice.  Tutors, teachers or coaches can pre-mark mock or trial exams before the main event.  


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